Update on my Running- Juli And walking-Khan


I believe I have been 2 weeks in my summer goal of being more active. so far things have been great, I still feel pretty lazy but I can tell my body is feeling a lot better now that I am not eating crappy fast foods all the time and exercising regularly. Though lately I have been craving Chipotle more and more, is that a side effect of becoming more healthy, wanting to eat at Chipotle, is this a disease? The food is yummy, so it does not matter, but my cravings for bad food in general are starting to go away, and my cravings for whole foods like fruit and veggies is a lot higher. I recently found this YouTube channel called Tasty, AND I AM IN LOVE. Many of their recipes I want to try out, especially since they put a healthy twist to all my favorite foods, and yummy twists on other foods I love. Mozzarella onion sticks are one of the recipes I am eager to try out, I know my BF will love to be my taste tester as all men love food.20170605_143827

Recently I have been trying really hard to get my 3 mile run down to 30 minutes, so far I am at 42 minutes, my first time running the 3 miles was completed in 50 minutes. 50 minutes was not bad, especially for my firs time in a while running it. Now before people go “You should not just start at 3 miles, you will get hurt” I did not start right at 3 miles, my first week I worked myself up to 1 mile, second week 2 miles, then at the end of the week I did 3 miles, even now I only run 3 miles once a week to see my progress. Everyday I do run 1-2 miles, and walk Khan for 1 mile on top of that.

In the mornings whenever we wake up Khan and I like to go on our 1 mile walk, taking our time and just enjoying the scenery on campus and around. Most of the time by the end of our walk we are both pretty woken up and loose for the upcoming day ahead of us. After our walk I feed khan his food, and I make breakfast. Lately I have just been eating cheerios. I would make other meals, but I am to lazy to really make pancakes AND clean up after myself. But I think I want to try and make more smoothies and oatmeal, I want to expand what I eat and make it as colorful as I can. Eating better breakfast will make running in the afternoons easier if I am well fed and energized. And maybe with more clean eating I can get better at running as well as build up muscles for gymnastics. More on gymnastics tomorrow.


My run so far.

Love Juli & Khan,



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