I started gymnastics when I went into college, my college had a club team that accepted beginners such as myself. To this day I am so happy I joined. It has been the greatest experience to this day, and though it is hard to stay healthy mentally and physically, gymnastic helps. The people on the team make me smile and laugh, they cheer me up when I have had a bad day, which is very common for me. I try to incorporate Khan into gymnastics with me, but he gets too worried when I fall and gets in the way. So he is safer at home. Mostly when I workout at home he will always be right next to me, making sure I am ok and breathing. When I do planks or any type of and Khan watches and probably wonders what the hell I am doing. If I had to choose between gymnastics or tennis I would say gymnastics because I can be silly in floor routines. I can be silly in tennis, but they don’t play music in tennis to points to Gymnastics!

Here are some pictures I took from gymnastics earlier this year.

Love Juli & Khan,



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