Cleaning My WHOLE Apartment: Kitchen update

So as I said before in a recent post I wanted to clean and reorganize my whole apartment. A clean environment is a clean mind. Now I thought I could finish this cleaning project in a day, but that would not be possible as I took a nap that was very much needed. So I have made a plan to clean a few hours a day until I am happy with the ending. The biggest thing fr me is reorganizing my bedroom and living room, theses are the rooms I am in the most and I want to feel comfortable. Just like my mother I love to move furniture around until I am satisfied. Same thing with my kitchen, I get very nervous stepping into a kitchen, in my head the minute I am in the kitchen I gain 10 pounds. So making the kitchen less scary and inviting really helps me to eat and not feel so anxious. ways I make my kitchen inviting is to not have clutter on the counters. Clutter makes me think of a ton of food, and a ton of food makes me think of a ton of calories. So I try to put foods away in a shelf next to my kitchen that holds just my grains, cereals, pastas, and just boxed and canned foods. On my counters I actually got a container from my closet, that is used for shoes, but I use this container for my tea and cocoa that I regularly drink so its out in the open and calming. Next I have a bowl I spray painted my self to be more of my coloring to hold all my bananas and apples, my go to foods.  Then next to my bowl of fruit, I have two wire tall book holders to hold my jams and peanut butters. Next to all that I have a little container to hold my oil, popcorn oil, and syrups for pancakes. Ill update this post later with pictures, but the kitchen has always been a scary but fun place for me. I love to cook, especially for others. making the kitchen more inviting to me is another step in recovering from my eating disorder. Khan even has his own shelf space for all his goodies, which he regularly takes out to eat. Iv’e only really cleaned my kitchen, but when I finish other areas I will be sure to share!

Love Juli & Khan,



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