Summer GOALS 2017 -Juli & Khan

Lately I have been trying to set goals for myself this summer to try and become better mentally and physically. Khan has his own goals he set too! Here are our goals for this summer.

Juli’s GOALS

  1. Lose 10 lbs ( Healthy way) – I want to get down to a Healthy weight the safe and healthy way so my goal is to lose 10 lbs this summer
  2. Eat cleaner and healthier – I want to eat less fast food and more whole foods
  3. Exercise more – I want to get back to exercising everyday, for at least 60 mins like i used to in high school, my college has the greatest free gym so it should be easy
  4. Blog everyday– I want to blog to get out my chattiness and just express myself more
  5. Do more Sketches – I really want to get back into drawing and painting
  6. Learn ballet basics – I want to learn ahead for my class
  7. Plan cute 1 day vacations for my bf and I– we only get 1 day off per week!

I only do a short list of goals so I do not overwhelm myself and it just makes it easier on me

Khan’s Goals

  1. Gain 10 pounds– ruff ruff i’m underweight
  2. Meet other dogs– ruff I need to socialize
  3. Get new toys– ruffers I nee more action!
  4. Sleep more– I’m so tired ruff ruff

Khans list is more short since he is already so perfect!

Over all I really love to create lists for myself to do, goal lists, to do lists, etc, because I take so much pride in checking off that I did something on the list. I love to be active, even though I do really love to sleep, being active is just so rewarding for my mental health as well as my physical.  Khan and I really try to go out and do stuff, I know soon I will try to go get a library card for my self so I can start to read again. Khan and I are going out to dog parks more and to parks so we ca socialize and just meet new people. I hope to find a dog water park so I can see how Khan acts with water, If there is no dog water parks then I will buy a kitty pool, fill it up, and let khan go wild.


Love Juli & Khan,



Relax Day with Khan and I


On days where I do nothings and feel like doing nothing Khan and I make ourselves into little Mexican burritos and stay in bed all day watching videos on YouTube. Recently we have been playing Zelda, but also I have been wanting to watch more anime so one I am currently trying to finish is Brothers Conflict. I really love very BoyxBoy anime, just like any weabo does hahaha. Khan really does not watch, duh he is a dog, but he does take his naps more often on relaxation days. I really use relaxation days to wind down and give my self a day to just not stress about anything I need to do. Its a day all about doing nothing. Usually what I eat on this day is also never really something I would eat on any other day. Raw cookie and brownie mix and bags & bags of chips are the norm on relaxation days. Usually these food can be very scary for me to eat, BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. So giving myself this day to just piggy out makes me feel better for the rest of the week. So far the days I relax on differ, I have been trying for Sundays, but really whenever I feel my mental health becoming very loud i’ll drop everything and relax day it out. Iv’e decided to make a list of things you can do on relaxation days that I do that could also help others when life gets to be to much.

Things to do While laying down-

  1. Sleep
  2. Sleep
  3. Sleep
  4. Did I mention Sleep
  5. Read anything, even labels (if you are really bored)
  6. Watch videos on YouTube (Learn to Box Braid)
  7. Watch Really Anything
  8. Contemplate life (Should you Buy more shoes…YES)
  9. Eat (Become a Black Hole..Nothing survives)

Things to Do While sitting

  1. Sleep (my dad sleeps sitting…I know its weird)
  2. Smoke ( If your a puff Train)
  3. Eat 
  4. Watch Tv
  5. Read
  6. Knit ( Or just stab Yarn, we don’t judge)
  7. Sew (stab your fingers)
  8. Just stare at the wall ( mmmm Johnny Depp)

These are just some of the things i’ll do to relax, and on relaxation days with khan and I we try not to do anything that seems like copious amounts of work. Sometimes Khan won’t even get out of bed, lazy boy. The overall theme of relax days for Khan and I is so do nothing and be nothing, we meld into the bed as much as we can.


Switch Gaming with Khan and I

I got the switch for my birthday after so many months of begging and pleading. and when I finally got it Khan and I were both so excited. Me for being able to play the new AWESOME Zelda game, and Khan for the game distracting me from him eating stuff out of the fridge! Most of the time when I play on the switch I’m either laying in bed with Khan asleep next to me or on the toilet playing with khan sitting at my feet, EITHER WAY IS PERFECT FOR ME, I also play while cooking for Khan and I and feeding Yoda. That’s what I love the most about the switch, its easy to play anywhere I want, and not to big to so Khan can lay his head on my lap while I play!

Khan and I when we first got the switch!


Derpy face!!


Bf Playing for me!


Sniff Sniff SNIFF!!


Can I play?-Khan


Hurry up!-Khan


Nap Time!


The Zelda game is so big and open that I have played for days and still have not seen or beaten everything, which for a Zelda game makes me so happy as the story line and theories that come with the game makes me ecstatic. Though what did make me so angry is I suck at fighting and shooting, never have been good at aiming in games. So my Boyfriend had to help me defeat some monsters that I could not get away from. Which led him to make fun of me until the end of time! I like to think I have gotten better….I haven’t, but that doesn’t matter because I love playing, even if I do die every 2 steps! My friend Chy even tells me I such at shooting, we used to play shooting games all the time, well she did, all I could and wanted to do was watch.At least my other friends sucked at shooting games too, Rach and Adam and Jacob could never aim like I could, but they were better than me. I really love playing, but also watching theory videos on YouTube, my favorite is Timeline placement of BOTW and how in Majora’s mask link is dead and Termina is the afterlife, which I don’t think is the case, but it is fun to hear and research.

First Day at a Dog Park!!

Khan and I have never gone to a dog park because

  1.  I did not know where any dog parks were
  2. I did not have a car yet
  3. Once I did have car I could not find a good close park that separated large and small dogs.
  4. We were always busy

But now we have found a GREAT dog park right next to our college, AND IT WAS GREAT!!! The other dogs and owners were so kind and watched their dogs, there was no poop all over the ground. Large dogs and small dogs were separated, and the fences were high and double locked doors to keep dogs in. I really loved this dog park and now am taking Khan more times during a Week. This week it has been very very raining, flood warnings are constant, so I really do not want to take khan out as driving conditions are unsafe. 

At the park Khan met two female dogs, who fell in love with him, they would not leave him alone. They followed him all around the area trying to give him kisses and sniffing his butt, now khan is not used to other dogs being around him, he is used to people as he is my service dog, but we rarely are around a lot of dogs. So at the park Khan was so nervous, but also happy as he ran around sniffing and peeing on things.  The girl dogs following close behind, he was big dog at the park. The best was none of the large dogs, NONE, barked at all, even when they saw other dogs coming, BUTTTT, the small dogs in the small dog area yapped constantly when anything new came. I just thought it was so funny. Khan kept looking at them because he could not understand why they were barking at him, poor Khan did not know what to do. Once Khan got used to the female dogs he started to at least play back when they wanted to play. But one thing you should know about Khan is he is one big lazy doggo. If he does not want to walk, he WILL NOT. 

I took videos and pictures of Khan on his first dog park day and made a funny video on Facebook. I put music from dirty dancing on it, cheered me up when I was feeling depressed, plus it is just so funny! Next time we go to dog park I will be sure to birng my better camera so the pictures and videos are so much better.


Love Juli & Khan,


Morning With Us (6/2/17)

A typical morning with Khan and I consist of me not wanting to wake up and Khan trying to wake me up. I really enjoy my sleep and to wake me up Khan will either breathe on my face till I am awake, or he will lay on me and paw at me until I give up and get up. After getting up and giving Khan the stink eye I will go do bathroom things, #justgirlythings, and Khan will wait by the bathroom door, probably making sure I am staying up. After I am done primping my self up I take Khan on a walk and pee break. Then we come back so I can take my meds and he can eat. Most of the time I really do not want to eat, the smell and sight of food just does not settle well with me, but khan makes sure I eat, at least a fruit. The reason I never want to eat is for years I was anorexic and did not eat, eating meant I was going to get fat and ugly. I got so used to not eating that even now after three years of recovery eating is still a chore. Don’t get me wrong, I love food, especially Mexican and Asian food, but mentally when I see food I immediate shut down my stomach so I do not eat. What Khan does to make me eat is he will NOT eat until i at least finish an apple or banana, once I eat a little something he will eat his food. He guilt trips me to eat, but i’m thankful he does that or I would not be alive today. Currently Khan and I are getting into walking longer distances in the morning to get more exercise in for him. Our goal is 1 mile a day for khan in the morning and afternoon. We mostly walk around campus on tracks or in the neighborhood next to us.

sunny morning

I wanted to do a typical morning with khan and I so readers can get a gist of how khan helps me in the morning. Plus a sleepy Khan is the cutest Khan!


Love Juli & Khan,


Hello!-Juli and Khan

This is the post excerpt.

Hi my name is Juli, and this is my service dog named Khan.  For my whole life I have lived with mental disorders that make it harder for me to function in life. When I got Khan things started to get better, I was happier, and he made it easier for me to go on living. So I thought why not show what we do everyday and on every little adventure we go on, and went on. It seems fun to me and Khan loves taking pictures and videos, so why not start a blog! I also have a white cat named Yoda that will appear quite a bit since he is a camera hog!! I do not mind questions and I actually love them as I am quite a Chatter box, just be respectful to Khan and I!



I already know people are going to ask what breed Khan is, he is a Great Pyrenees. When I got him he was almost three years old. Now he is almost 5 if I remember correctly. Right now we are attending college in Texas, It is very hot so I keep him hydrated and cool, just as I keep myself hydrated and cool. I love the color purple and I do like to dress up Khan and Yoda, especially for holidays so I am excited for upcoming holidays. This first Blog post was to just say hello and for me to just start out, trust me I hope it will get better. My goal for this blog is to just have fun and be creative. I want to share how Khan helps me as well as how much I love him.


Love Juli & Khan,